Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It is almost like magic when you start to belief. Beginning from child we search for the cure that will change our opinions from doubt to secure. A search for the answers of most life questions. We want to embark on a journey that will change our whole life forever.
    Often we will embarked on this spiritual journey and want to carry people along but some people may resist. Some people get overly exited about their new found path or faith and to their out most some people in their life are not really supporting that change or believing in it. it may be your parent, spouse, siblings, boyfriend or girlfriend etc. I have seen family, friends , relationship drift apart because of this.  

So how do we handle people in our lives who are close to us but not on our spiritual path.
1. Don't judge, we all feel the same God in our heart.
2. Don't enforce or impose, enlightenment is better than enforcement.
             People like to come to light on their own terms, trust in their process and try not to interfere too much. they will find the truth and at the same time find themselves but it may not be the same way as you did.
  On the course of our spiritual journey been a rational being , a lot of things may interfere in our spiritual growth and we tend to sort for a miracle wand that instantly change dreams into reality. We wanted in an instant what takes a life time, not willing to study, develop and raise our conscious level.
Since effect have their causes, so what do we do when confronted with problems and challenges. what do we do when lust, greed and lies took us off our spiritual path.
1. Ask yourself, what is this problem teaching me, for at the root there will be understanding.
2. Connect with your inner Ori and your Egbe (spiritual fellowship in heaven) , understand how these cousellors of heaven manifest and how they touch your life. Discover how to reconnect with these powerful influences.

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