Friday, April 3, 2015

Call your Ancestors.

“let us call him
 Let us call Ifa
Let us invoke the spirit
So they can hear us in heaven”

         Ancestral worship is almost universal in Africa. The goal of ancestor veneration is to ensure the ancestors' continued well-being and positive disposition towards the living, and sometimes to ask for special favours or assistance.
         I was at a point in my life where I was facing so many obstacles.I had a deep meditation and prayer before I went to bed and had a dream about seeing an elderly man. I sat down with him and pour my innermost to him. He told me not to worry and he called some other people within reach and told them to get some materials and get ready to do work for me. He started making prayers for me and he gave me all kind of  medicines. I was in tears all through the process because I have so much emotion lock within. 
      When I woke up in the morning, I went to my father house and explain the dream to him. He told me that was my grandfather in my dream helping you. I was surprised as he had long passed before I was born. I started asking my dad questions about his father and that was how I reconnect with my grandfather and  I eventually had to get my own ancestral object made and I make it a priority to communicate with him and every other person I have as ancestors. I love to share my testimonies to give people hope and help them build their faith and remain firm in it. 
          In life, there are times when you will going along without a care in the world and nothing to weigh you down, then without warning you hit a great impossible. Do not let yourself sink under the pressure of uncertainty. Sometimes the only actions require by us doing trouble times is to call upon our ancestors.
        Maybe you are facing adversity in physical, emotional, or financial area of your life. Do not panic, do not dwell in worries, it won't fix anything. Call upon your ancestors. Pray!
      Even when it seems there is no way out. Call them. Open your heart, ears and mind and listen to the truth spoken through them by Olodumare. Keeps these in mind whenever you face adversary.

          Iba fun Egungun
          Iba fun Ara Orun
          Iba Baba mi
          Iba Yeye mi
          Eje n ri temi se.
         Homage to Egungun
         Homage to the Ancestor
         Homage to my father
         Homage to my Mother
         Do let me prosper.
                  Ase o!
                                     Ifangelist Ifayemisi Elebuibon

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