Thursday, March 20, 2014


In the beginning

Olodumare sent forth the Orisa on a mission to create the world and all other living and non-living structures. On getting to the world, one of them was left out of the process of creation. However, they could not get to do their mission without the problem of the witches‟ disruptions. This gave them a lot of concern and forced to return to Olodumare, who consulted with Ifa on their behalf. Moreover, there was revelation that they had left out one of the entourage for the mission. They however claimed not to have left anybody, except a woman. It was decided there and then to go back and beg the woman Orisa who had by then, employed the wrath of the Eleye (owner of birds) to destroy any thing that she did not sanction. It was after the appeasement and propitiation that the mission of the Orisa is accomplished.

Osun is a symbol of a mother who is capable of loving passionately and a symbol of an assertive woman, who can take a decision on her own. Before a person is made a patron or matron in Yoruba culture, he or she must have contributed meaningfully well to the cultural, spiritual, political and economic life of the people. . In considering her domestic role as a mother, her adherents believe strongly that she had cared and nursed her “children” with love, so that water taken from her river cures all forms of infirmities. 
  Significantly, woman’s role in the family cannot be overshadowed by any measure. Women are better known as builders and keepers of home. They oversee and ensure that peace and tranquility reign supreme in the family.

In the traditional Yoruba society, the people envisioned their world in two halves – masculine and feminine. Their Orisa both male and female worked together to keep a balance of power. When a male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced, there was chaos. 

Awon Obinrin ni iyo aye,
Awon kan naa ni so iyo di obu.
Ko see ni, ko se e fe ku ni won.
Bi won ba huwa apanimoyoda lonii,
won a se gege bi agbani lojo to buru lola.
obinrin nii sekun derin.
Awon kan naa nii so Oyin di iwo.
Amoko rerin, amuorogun wugbo.
Ibi ti won ba nlo ni won ko ipako si.
Won ko soro koo,
sugbon won soro o ya fun.

(Women are the salt of Earth, the same ones
that make salt to loose its taste. Silent killer of
today, timely saviour of tomorrow women
turn sadness to joy. They also turn honey to
poison she gladdens her mate to jealousy. She
faces where she is not going. Easy to come by
but difficult to part with).

Women are the bridge builder; the builder of home and the society, without them, the life in the society is not complete. This is so because we have to procreate as nature demands and as well in line with our cultural preservation. Much as bad and undisciplined, as women still, the society cannot do without them. It is only in togetherness that a virile and steadfast society can be built; hence, what we need is to correct, re-dedicate and re-shape our focus to make the society a better and worthy place to live. A decent and disciplined society is clearly an abode of peace, progress and unity.

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