Friday, February 20, 2015

Spirit of Gratitude

       Yoruba proverbs says "eni ta se ni ore ti ko dupe, bi olosa ko ni l'eru lo ni". i.e a person that fails to show gratitude after favors received is like a thief.
       "Bi eru ba dupe oore ana, a ri omiran gba"
if a servant is shows gratitude for favors received, he will be able to receive more.
         The evidence of good and vibrant life should be seen in our lives. That is why as Orisa devotees,  it is important for us to show gratitude in returns for the things Olodumare has done for us through his Orisa's, priest and priestess. inasmuch as we will continue to be laying our problems, burdens and prayer petitions before Olodumare.
               He provides ideas, wisdom, direction, solution. he intervenes with actions that leaves us amazed as the observer. He is not a belief or doctrine. I see him act in my life. For this I am grateful, hence why I am showing and sharing my gratitude.
         I am grateful for all the sacrificial animals, that have laid their lives for me as a replacement of mine and so that I may be blessed and be a blessing for other.
         I am grateful for my family and friends those who are here and those who are overseas.  I am grateful for my health, grateful for all of my senses, that I can experience life in all its facets, that I can work and grow my business, that I can  put food on the table and clothes on my body, shelter, strength,  my cultural heritage and happiness.

       I am grateful for my mind,  for the power of thinking, the ability to explore,  to grow and continue to develop, grateful for having found a life purpose.

         I thank Olodumare for all love and divine guidance, for leading me on the path to recognize who I am and my gifts.  I am grateful for been able to express my gratitude.
       I am thankful for all the experience that I have had because they taught me so much about myself and propelled me forward in quantum leaps of spirituality.  I am thankful for all the pain that I felt because it made me discover my own strength.

       I am thankful for patience,  insight, knowledge and courage.  I am thankful for having the opportunity to re evaluate my life and make decisions to sweeten it with positive self esteem and empower it through wonderful souls that are now part of my life today. 

       I am thankful for the directions, when life seems to be shattered in all places. I leave all my fears and leave my fate to your guidance Olodumare. I have been blessed for the reawakening to what is really important in life.

       Enu ope wa ko ki kan
      Our spirit of gratitude will not turn sour