Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spritual Shopper.

         Misinformation and information overload is a problem in the Orisa Community. Just off the phone explaining to someone why shopping around is the reason why some people felt they he spent so much money in making ebo and still the situation remain unchanged.

           When you go to see a doctor, he will collect all your previous medical information and run test based on your complaint. After proper diagnosis, he will prescribe medication if that is all it requires or surgery if it is some type of serious medical condition. They will then make a treatment plan base on their level of medical expertise and experience.

          If the surgery is successfully done, the doctor will then prescribed medication to be taken after surgery for better healing, recovery or to prevent the scar from been infected. The patient is then giving time to come back for check up to monitor his or her progress. If there is any issue the doctor will fix it and it goes on like that until the patient reach a full recovery.

           How is this related to Ifa work you may wonder. Babalawo or any spiritual healers are like the doctors. When you visit a Babalawo you will be asked to provide necessary information for spiritual reading. The odu is revealed is the result of your test. The priest will then relay the Ifa messages from the odu, that is the result of your test. The ebo or offering is your surgery and the Ifa medicine recommended afterwards is your prescription drug.

        Unlike medical practice, the complication from surgery can lead to death or another health issue while with ebo there is always room for improvement with little or no complication. The success of the sacrifice is confirm immediately after it is concluded to know if  its accepted or not. If not, Ifa medicine or charm that best fix the problem is prescribe through reading or by the Babalawo with confirmation from Ifa. The Babalawo will tell the client to give him feedback on how his or her situation is improving. That is your medical checkup.

      Unfortunately, unlike medical checkup, most babalawo clients get comfortable and forgetful once their prayers get answered, they will not go back for check up  nor keep the Awo updated as they are progressing that is if they are progressing at all. Hence the Awo may not know the status of the client condition nor know if there is anything needed to be done as regards to the client condition. This is where the shopping around begins.

                              What happen when you shop around?
Shopping around starts when client feels the Awo handling their problem is either not competent or lack the ase for the efficacy of the spiritual work done or perhaps looking for the next best thing. People now move from one Awo to another hoping to find solution to their problems.

                                 Why shopping is wrong?
  Just like when you have a doctor who have been taking care of your medical well being for a long time, that is how people have spiritual doctor who take care of their spiritual well-being. He knows all your spiritual history. When you shop around  the information exchange with the former Awo in terms of spiritual record file will not be available for the next unknown babalawo who will take over your case. You may not even be asked by the spiritual doctor the kind of work you have done before, if it works or not and the client may not divulge this information either. So they start all over again.

             Just like some doctors will not accept test result from other clinic unless they conduct it themselves, the same applies to this new Awo. The doctor will then run another another test which they trusted. So its back to square one for the client with the new spiritual healer, they will do another reading and who knows another problem may come out or even indicate the persisting one. The Awo will begins his own treatment plan. If the client leaves again without completing the treatment plan, he goes to another Awo and the trends goes on and one like that. We then end up spending so much money and while the problems still persisted.

   I am not preaching restriction, people have found their next best thing shopping around while a large number got ripped off and enslaved in the process. Every individual is free to go to any healer of their choice. However, not everyone is blessed with the potent Ase for the efficacy of prayers. The negativity surrounding a healer can block the efficacy of work been done for you. In essence, not all hands are blessed to be place upon your Ori.

                                                 IRE O!
Ifangelist Ifayemisi Elebuibon

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