Saturday, June 7, 2014

Parents; the governing spiritual principles model.

The relationship between the husband and wife, is the practicum for parenting. A husband and wife who cannot live within the parameters of Olodumare definition for governing their relationship will never produce a culture for nourishing spiritual growth.

Parents,  you will reproduce yourselves in the personality and character of your children's lives. The fact is that most of us do not have a clue about our own character weakness and personality glaws. The truth is that most of us, if not all of us, think of ourselves more highly than we ought. 

Your character and personality are the seeds you are planting in the garden of your children's lives. Until you can honestly evaluate your own character weakness and your own personality flaws, how do you expect to be transparent with your children?
How do you expect them to comport themselves and  to see there self worth in you, when they see there role model always in outburst of anger, pride and unwillingness to change.

Think your child is selfish?
Although children are selfish by nature,  their selfishness is reinforced and sanctioned by selfish fathers.  Mothers who refuse to offer gift of submission to their husbands will most probably produced rebellious children.  However,  fathers who failed to sacrificially love their wives will undoubtedly produce selfish children naturally accompanied by their rebellion. 

Failing to teach children how to love is gross. Every outcome of such failure will be the grossest child abuse actually resulting in a criminal mindset that controls and cannot even consider that another person's right might supersede their own.

The point of emphasis here is that everything produces after its own kind.
Those things that we teach to our children as governing spiritual principles must be shown to be viable and valuable enough to us that we are willing to generate a culture in which they might grow.

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