Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ase ; the efficacy of spiritual work.

                              Ela boru Ela boye Ela bo sise

Some weeks ago I wrote about spiritual shopper and how "The negativity surrounding a healer can block the efficacy of work been done for you. In essence, not all hands are blessed to be place upon your Ori." Today I will like to shed more light on the statement.
Lets take a look at what Ase means in other to understand the scope in which it's been used here. Ase signifies the power to command, or make things happen. It can mean authority,power, coming to pass, effect or command.

       Is it all spiritual healer that have the Ase for efficacy of ebo and other spiritual work?

The answer is yes and no.
              Yes in the terms of having the proper knowledge on know how to perform sacrifice, understanding the sequence and pattern that doing spiritual work follows and leaving it to Olodumare to sanction it. Which gives them the qualification to perform a sacrifice or any other spiritual work.

              And no in the sense that we are all gifted and unique in our own different ways. Hence why not all spiritual healer are gifted with the same potency of  Ase, the power for efficacy for their spiritual work. Hence why Spiritual healer like Babalawo will always pray to Olodumare to allow their hands to work well with the client and allow whatever work they do for the client become acceptable.

 Ajegun is the medicine that the awo gives to the client to enhance the efficacy of the spiritual work to be done or that has been done.  This is seldom done to speed up the efficacy of spiritual work or for some people who I will refer to as omo langidi. Omo langidi is a wooden effigy which is rigid and as well have no feeling or respond to anything whatsoever. So doing spiritual medicine for someone who is omo langidi dont usually work well or won't work at all

So how do you know if a healer got the real juice (lol) or not?
The first thing is testimony and then the second is feedback. Testimonies from people whom the healer have worked with both in present and the past. 
       Feedback in terms of patients letting the healer knows their progress, which was why I wrote in my previous blog that most people that visits a Babalawo do not at all time give feedbacks as they progress. Feedback is necessary as it will help the healer know if the problem is him/her, the medicine combination or perhaps the medicine might not be the right choice for the clients.
         Hence why it is essential for a Babalawo to always asked from Ifa which medicine to make for particular client because we are made differently, so what works for a particular person may not work for another. 

to be continue.......................             

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