Monday, May 25, 2015

My Ifa Stories.

‘We are moving away from our dependence on the central guiding authority that traditional have sustained our culture and I came to realise that our society is hidden spiritual message from us, it is concealing the spirituality that forms part of our heritage and by doing so we are giving the future generation especially our children nothing or very little to believe in.’ anonymous

‘The most potent and effective men and women…are those with religious underpinnings to their life…. To not have some kind of spiritual practice in one’s life …is a serious mistake.’ Steve Biddulph, an Australia’s best-selling author.

            The messages of Olodumare for mankind are documented in odu Ifa and embedded in various ifa verses which are passed down orally from generation to generation. Under each odu Ifa are numerous verses which can be applied in various ways. The verses can be used for Iwure (prayer), incantation for charm and medicine, chanting Iyere Ifa, rituals and sermon for people seeking spiritual help and education.
             This is not about just been creative; the stories in this book are historical accounts of events on how the Orisa and people who have existed before us have lived their lives. The accounts of events were taking out of various Odu Ifa collected over years from my father, mother, brothers and elders in the Yoruba traditional religion.      
            While a young Olorisa, each day with my dad is a learning process. I have listened to my dad over time as he lectures us and his students with Ifa stories on our weekly gathering. The stories have lived with me since then.
         There are two hundred and fifty six odu Ifa, much has been documented but not enough can be written. Odu Ifa and its verses are more than messages for clients seeking spiritual help.The meanings are more profound and are vehicle to travel into the ancient time. It is a means by which spiritual teachers and student can conduit into the realm of their ancestors.
           A lot of people want to know what Ifa position on various issues is. As an Olorisa, born and raise a traditionalist, I took it upon myself to look for verses of Ifa that touches on everyday issues that we can related to in today's world, in order to get a look into the past from the present and take the lessons back with us. 
          In this book you will find answers to why we give Iyanle and offering to Egbe orun. Why Babalawo keep the sacrifical items leftover, Why Orunmila is the one everyone goes to to solve their problems, why it is not a good idea to test an Awo. An omo awo who steal from his master, snatch his wife and went rogue. And so many significant Ifa stories.

           My interest in Ifa stories goes beyond self-interest but also to be able to inform and educate people about the relevance of Ifa in our daily lives.
This is my way of contributing to the future of African Yoruba Traditional religion. Ifa stories are Yoruba traditional people time travel machine into the past. It is a compass into the world that exists before us. I hope this book will help people to see how Ifa stories of the past remain relevant till today. The oral art of Africans are rich and they remain living traditions that continue to evolve and flourish today.

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