Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blessed Ose Jakuta.

Today is Ose Jakuta (Ija okuta ).
On this day we worship Sango and other deities who shares the day with him. Sango ki kohun Orogbo, Orogbo ni e fun Sango, Sango kii je obi. Sango do not disapprove or reject bitterkola words and messages, give bitter kola to Sango,  Sango do not eat kolanut.
On this day, we should endeavor to clean our shrines,  toss away remnants from previous ose and start today afresh. Pray to Sango to fight our battles for us,  so we may be victorious.
Oriki Sango from Orisa Songs book

My lord, hope you rise up well?
Aremu Ogun, the lord of Koso
The rat wakes up fine in his hole
I have peaceful morning,  the king of heaven.

My husband,  I accompanied you from home,
It is you I followed from a voyage
My heavenly husband I dare not toy with you
I dare not look at you Sango, my heavenly chosen husband
Giwa our Lord that touches heaven and earth like the creator
The one we worship who also protects.....

On this beautiful day,  may the benevolent protection of Sango cover all and sundry.  Ase.

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