Monday, October 26, 2015

What worth doing is worth doing well.

              I said to myself, there is yearning, there is thirst for knowledge so as to be able to do this and that. The competition is present, the jealousy and enviousness is crystal clear and ego is well inflated. What is this thing that we all crave for, how do we handle such sacredness in the information we purport to possess or gain? what will it do to us? above all how well are we prepare to receive this information's if and whenever we are exposed to them. 
              Herbert Spencer in his book what knowledge is of most worth said "Every one in contending for the worth of any particular order of information, does so by showing its bearing upon some part of life. In reply to the question--"Of what use is it?"  
He further quote what he called  quote of  the old song:--

Could a man be secure
That his day would endure
As of old, for a thousand long years,
What things might he know!
What deeds might he do!
And all without hurry or care.

"But we that have but span-long lives" must ever bear in mind our limited time for acquisition. And remembering how narrowly this time is limited, not only by the shortness of life, but also still more by the business of life, we ought to be especially solicitous to employ what time we have to the greatest advantage. Before devoting years to some subject which fashion or fancy suggests, it is surely wise to weigh with great care the worth of the results, as compared with the worth of various alternative results which the same years might bring if otherwise applied. 

One of the many verses of Odu Ifa Ifa Obara Meji  said thus;
A giant ant walks majestically as if it's dancing
Cast Ifa for Ifakayode child of Ope (another name for Orunmila)
Ifakayode child of Agbonniregun
He who will abandoned Ifa and stop learning it's practices.
Ifa is the one that add glamour to the life of its apprentice
An apprentice cannot be showcasing flamboyance without having no knowledge of Ifa
Ifa is the one that adds glamour to the life of its apprentice.  

         Knowledge, in general, is always good. The more knowledge you have the better. But I love to say, a knowledge possessed and not put to use is a knowledge wasted. However, it is nearly impossible to have complete knowledge about something, so we have to work with what we have and be willing to acquire more.. There is no shame in not knowing or perhaps saying I don't know or this is beyond/not in my area of expertise when been asked to do a work.
           The road to been a versed and well educated person in any form of spiritual healing practice especially been a Babalawo is far and vast, we may as well start now. Which is why we must first be honest with ourselves and be sure if it is path we willing and ready to commit our self to. We must marry honesty and never let it go and bear in mind at all time bear in mind that other peoples life depend on information we give out. Which is why we must be sure we are competent in our practice to take on a task that will affect other people.

          May life please us as it pleased Ifa on this beautiful Ose Ifa day. May we be as successful and verse in knowledge in the practice like our elders and those who were here before them.


                                                 Ela boru Ela boye Ela bosise
                                           If you are in darkness of life consult Ifa

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  1. Aku Ose Ifa o! Thank you for this. Very well stated. The question of competency and true commitment is one that cannot be overemphasized. I wrote about this during the first post on my blog too. For many of us Diasporan practitioners, I believe language acquisition is one of the most important steps for our practice. We have to ask ourselves hard questions in order to grow...and we have to do that hard work of study. Well done sister. Keep up the great work!

  2. Greeting as we continue to enjoy the comfort of Ifa Ancestors Orisha I found life pleasant, but I worry of my children personal and carnal I am Oni Yemoja Baba Araba sounded it out on his visit to Trinidad and Tobago,we appreciated his presence and we need to hear more details of his experience love always, Ile Egbe Aje Yemoja