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Inspiration from Odu Owonrinsogbe
Odu Ifa Owonrinsogbe is one of the two hundred
and fifty six Odu Ifa passed down orally from
generations to generations. This is a translation of
the audio of Odu Ifa Owonrinsogbe recorded by
Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon. A distinguish and
acclaimed Babalawo.
This work is done in order to further assist the non-
Yoruba speakers at home as well as international
practitioners, student and scholars of African
history, Yoruba culture and spiritual belief system
especially, to better understand the already
recorded audio.
In this book, you will find twelve different verses
of Odu Ifa Owonrinsogbe with their narratives and
songs that relate to Esu.

What do I find fascinating about the Odu Owonrinsogbe?
Even though the book contains 12 verses and their narrative is not all that needs to know about this particular odu . But the verse 5 of the book is what I am most drawn to, not to say the other verses are not important or contain important information but I was drawn to that particular verse because I deduced  a real life issues and lesson that I think we can all relate to, learn from and apply to our daily lives.
                          In the verse 5 of the book, one of the line of the verse on there spoke about telling a child to give offerings and take care of Esu, but instead the child was busy taking care of work. The irony is that the child is unaware that all the hard work, time and monetary investment a child may have put into his/her work, it only takes one evening for Esu to throw it all away.
   In most of the verses in the Odu we see verses and songs that said "let Esu received his share so that the petitioner auspices can be accepted", "Esu take your share and depart, Egba take your share and leave, what ever you have give Esu its share and let Esu take his leave".
             So I sat down and give those lines from different verse a deep thought. The first thing I said was wow how deep. Egba is something that take away from you. Taking care of work but neglecting Esu seems to me like a home owner who is busy spending money to get the house redecorate but fails to take care of molds or perhaps but a preventive measure against termite. It all make sense now why there is a saying that one should sacrifice so you do not have to sacrifice, pray so that you wont have to pray. All the sacrifice and offering we are doing is not necessary to fix or rectify the instantaneous but are investments we are sowing into the future of our spiritual lives. 

So what does it mean that all the hard work of a child can be taking away in just on day? 

  First thing we need to know and always remind ourselves as human is that we are not indestructible. None of us is immune to spiritual warfare. So when the stock market crashed, when the market values of real estate drops, when you are a victim of fraudster, or perhaps you have a hole in your pocket and cant seems to put money together do anything tangible, or maybe you got laid off at work,  perhaps you get divorced or involve in some legal debacle and loose your house, kids, spouse and money, the effect from this is rising all around us. So without giving the appropriate spiritual and even physical authority it dues, we may experience difficulties in some part of our lives. 
  Besides the Iyami and our Ori one of the most important deity that requires constant propitiation is Esu. He is connected to every other divinity and as most know, also operates with both positive and negative forces. Just as we pay homage or as a Babalawo included Osun and the mothers in all endeavors for it to be successful we must give Esu his share as well.

     When we take care of our physical we must take care of our spiritual life as well. Its not limited to making sacrifice and doing and using medicine alone. Been positive about life is part of been spiritual, disposing negative thoughts, praying, doing our ose  regularly and surrounding ourselves with positive energy and people can also improve our spiritual life and well-being.

Giving appropriate authorities that guides, govern and rule over our endeavors will helps us in having a more successful career.  I say this because a teacher and student needs wisdom and understanding, Ifa is the master of wisdom. A jeweler, driver, mechanics, machine operators and almost everyone who deals with metal and iron are all merchant of Ogun, yet we do not recognize and propitiate that authority.  A doula and maternity nurse deal with birth, mother and child care. Osun is a divinity that is known for that and yet do we propitiate. The  gods are present and powerful as they were in the past,we are the one that is not worshiping the way we used to.

                                                                May Ifa assist us  
                                                 May the spirit of our ancestors assist us

If you are in darkness of live consult Ifa
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