Thursday, May 5, 2016

The fight is one.

Yesterday I posted and wrote  via a third party blog site that I am a content creator for.( )  on a statement made by a Nigeria actor who made a derogatory statement about Olorisa. 

The fight is one. Ohun to ba de ba oju, o ti de ba imu. Ohun to hun se aboyade gbogbo oloya lohun se. Arun to hun se ogoji lohun se odun. In essence, what affected one affected us all. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".
The stigmatization and stereotype that Olorisa faces around the world is one. I keep using "one"
because irrespective of the branch of Africa spiritual practice you applaud, you are all evil to the close mind who have been sheepishly guided all their lives. Most importantly we are all the same in the eyes of Olodumare.

Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode said "The era of tarnishing the image of traditional religion without response is gone". I said enough is enough, the age of standing akimbo and watch is over. The world can not keep labeling us all as evil, and we should desist from presenting ourselves as such. We are people of noble birth with rich culture and traditions. Remind yourself and your children of this daily.
             We have a voice now, lets be heard in peace and with good manners. We are in the age of social media thankfully, even if the news media decided to overlook the salient issues that affects our community. Alas, we are nothing but minority any way, we the devil other religion are praying away every day and yet we are still here. Maybe it is time they find the real devil by looking within them and among themselves.
                                            We need to be on the front line. I have been saying this, we need political power, financial power and educational power. Education is not only the classroom education alone, parents needs to inform and educate themselves so as to be a good mentor for their children. Our youth need to carry themselves well in public. They need to be well informed and educated about the spiritual practice that they in and that of others. We live in the age of technology, information is widely disperse, instead of been on social medias all the time, they should try to use search engines to research and inform themselves. Be global
            Maybe we need evangelism, maybe we need to preach our own gospel and may be we do not. But what I know for a fact is that we need to wake up from our slumber, we need to put end to the division ( if possible) . There is an uprising, which we have known for years and the finish line is not certain.
              Yoruba proverb said bi ina o ba tan laso eje ki tan ni ekana.  The Yoruba dread the lice and the leech for their nuisance value and their crude nature. The lice would expose its victim to a kind of shamelessness that makes an otherwise civilized and urbane person to public ridicule. The itch overtakes the host anywhere and everywhere, it makes the host the cynosure of all eyes in a most derogatory sense. This however is the ordeal we face and we have so much to do and need to be active participant.

                   Another Yoruba proverb said  A ki mon eni to ni a ja ka pe aja e ni digbolugi. You cannot know the owner of a dog and still treat the dog as a rabies ridden dog. The so called Nigeria actor who claimed to know Araba Elebuibon and other Babalawo that he didn't mention by name and still  go on social media to say traditionalist are behind kidnapping in Nigeria should let you know what you, your neighbor, friends and family can do in the name of religion intolerance.( I don't mean to start no war just laying out facts)
                     Olorisa abroad need to work cordially with the one in Africa. There are however bigger issues than who is giving what and at what price,needless to say that should be addressed but we need to be selective in our battles. a house that is divided against itself cannot stand. This issue of stigmatization and stereotyping is one of the things we should be discussing, it need 100% of our attention.
                       I will suggest a movement by the committees member of Olorisa council in Nigeria on movie stories censorship and critic movement on information and stories been portrayed/interpreted on mainstream by Nigeria movie industries. The little information that some people have on Yoruba culture and spiritual practice so far is what they see in the movies which  most times are misrepresentation of facts camouflage as fictions.
                         I have contacted notable people that I know in Nigeria, I forwarded the article to different blog sites and news media outlets. 
I will suggest Jokotoye Oreoluwa a.k.a Bigvai  ( on facebook as Jototoye Bigvai Ore, instagram as jokotoyebigvai) issue a public apology. I personally will not stop until he does so and we shouldn't as well. I will like the elders in our community to also take this matter up as well. 
   This is less on religion/ religion sectors and more on who we are as a person. We have to learn to respect people and their chosen religion path. I want to thank every one who spoke on the issue and those who took it upon themselves to contact the guy on his derogatory remarks. Its not about bullying but setting record straight. 


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