Friday, July 10, 2015

Orunmila The World Famous

                         ORUNMILA THE MOST FAMOUS
                                   excerpt from My Ifa Stories
                                    Ifayemisi Elebuibon
 Ogbè di

Orísẹ́fun l’awo won ní lé Alárá

Àgbòrírìsá l’awo òkè ìjerò

Àgùntàn bòlòjò ní sawo won ní bojì elérùru

A dífá f’ọrunmila

Ifá n j’ayé ìnira kákáká

Ń j’ayé ìnira kokoko……………

Orisefun is the priest in Alara household

Agboririisa is the priest of Oke Ijero

Sheep is the priest of eleruru

Cast ifa for Orunmila

Ifa is living life in difficulties

He is living in hardship

Orunmila had a divination so that he can become someone of high substance, someone that everyone will adore and worship. At the time he wanted the divination, things were somehow difficult for him. The Babaláwo told him to offer four axes, eight cowrie, and coconut and use it as offering to his Ori.  They told him he will be using big animal to appease his head as he will become great in life. Orunmila did as told. He became rich.  Anyone that is rich will definitely have a wife and later children.  One who has children will later become a chief. Orunmila became great; he became someone the whole world is now worshiping.

This is why, till today, Orunmila is the most famous among all the deities.

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