Thursday, August 20, 2015

Traditional Ifa Marriage

I havent been on here in a while. So today I want to shed light on the phrase 'Traditional Ifa Marriage" as opposed to Traditional Yoruba Marriage and ceremony.

Firstly,  If Ifa was said to be the word of Olodumare through Orunmila, how and what then did Olodumare prescribed encoded through Odu Ifa and passed down by Orunmila as what marriage is and what a Ifa marriage is?

Secondly, the ways and style in which a Babalawo takes a bride is different but similar to the way a layman take on a wife.
When I say a Babalawo I mean a practicing diviner and not an initiates who considered and appropriate himself to the title by virtue of having been to igbodu.
So when I hear people say We did, had, or will marry in Traditional 'Ifa' way, I blinked.  Because I know they meant Traditional Yoruba Cultural way instead.

Not all Yoruba's are from the lineage of Babalawo. I will use Ifa for better understanding.  Not all Yoruba people are from the lineage of Ifa. Even though Ifa is applicable to all.  Some are from Sango, Ogun, Osun etc lineage and household. And each of these household and lineage have specific ways, rituals and ceremonies accompanied with the known cultural way of taking in a bride or performing a marriage ceremonies.

The differences even goes as far as occupation to occupation and tittle the individual holds.  When a Babalawo takes a bride he will do some things differently as to when a hunter does. 

The way a princess marriage will be conducted is not the same way an Arugba Osun own will be performed.
There is standard, process and procedure that each follows. Literally saying,  'Ifa' marriage in saying do not apply to all. So instead of saying Ifa marriage,  for better understanding say Yoruba traditional/cultural marriage ceremony.

Ire oo.

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  1. Aboru Aboye Araba,
    Se alafia ni? E ku ise!
    What wonderful information you have given us today! Please grace us with more on this subhect. Is the appropriate ceremony always based on the situation of the husband's rank (Ifa, Sango, Osun, etc.)? This is such an important subject!

    Adupe O! Ire gbogbo!

    Olosun Akueti Osun- Asabi Fatosin Rich